R. Srinivasan

R. Srinivasan (RS) is a ACA, ACS, and ACMA with 43+ years of professional expertise and 16+ years of experience interacting with leading surveyors and insurers.

He has significant expertise in handling insurance claims under policies for:

  • Product Liability/Recall
  • Banker’s Indemnity
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Capital market Intermediaries like Stockbrokers and Depository Participants

In 2015-16, RS handled one of the largest ever claim for recall valued at over Rs. 4200 Lakhs .

Why RS?

RS will substantially add to admissibility and acceptance of the quantum of insurance claim by skillful presentation of information and documents. He will work at reducing the time lag between intimation of claim, presentation of records and information, defending it with surveyor/insurer and the final settlement of the same by insurer effecting timely settlement and making significant savings in interest on funds blocked.